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Introducing Gioza, the AI-powered, sensorless SaaS Energy Management to reduce your energy consumption and your carbon footprint up to 20%.

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Detect anomalies and save energy

Monitor your load curve in real-time and optimize your energy procurement. Our AI automatically detects consumption levels, and anomalies by appliance and their root causes. Gioza seamlessly integrates with your existing installations for quick and easy deployment.

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Catering to the needs of industrial companies committed to efficient and sustainable energy use

All of your production park, documentation, and plans in one place. Gioza makes it easy to manage your appliances. Connect your appliances to your consumption curve to get insights on their efficiency and obtain detailed analytics on energy usage and operational performance.

  • All your infrastructure in one place
  • Energy Visual Stream Mapping (EVSM)
  • Appliance depreciation insights
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The one stop shop to reduce energy waste

Make it impactful. Gioza lets you assess the impacts of your action plans to ensure that every step you take moves you towards operational efficiency. Connect your continuous improvement efforts to your appliances’ energy consumption and production data for measurable results.

  • Track and assess your actions
  • Shareable with the rest of the organization
  • Impactful for the whole organization

All the features you need to start saving energy

Gioza provides all kinds of features to address your different needs.

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Gioza's sensorless technology utilizes advanced algorithms to monitor and analyze energy consumption patterns, helping you identify the appliances responsible for your daily energy usage. Gioza delivers the sweet spot between accuracy and CAPEX.

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No More Anomalies

Visually identify consumption anomalies on your load curve. Set up personalized alerts to receive real-time notifications about your infrastructure's performance.

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Everything, All at Once

We thrive for simplicity. For every feature, we make it as simple as ordering a cab. We're the 3 clicks only EMS!

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Multiple Integrations

Gioza can be interfaced with most of ERP and MES for seamless integrations with your existing infrastructure.

About Us

We're Building a Sustainable Future

Gioza is a Paris-based company. We come from diverse backgrounds, bringing different personalities, experiences, and skills to this project. This is what makes our team so special!

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Our Mission

We believe industry is key to a greener future. At Gioza, we aim to boost businesses by making them more competitive and eco-friendly, driving forward sustainable and low-carbon production.

  • No CAPEX
  • CSR by Design
  • All infrastructure, all teams

Core Team

Gioza is built by these awesome individuals.



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Slash your ⚡ bill

Continuous improvement through energy performance.

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